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We’re Vuur Fashion, we are a startup app that helps people discover new fashionable clothing or accessories. The problem we are solving is people not knowing where they can purchase certain items. We use the camera in your smart phone to take a picture of that item and tells you where you can purchase it reducing time spent trying to search it up or asking people. Users are also able to visit communities where they can share tips or post their outfit.

Our Mission

As Vuur Fashion we strive to provide the best app to help our customers become their most fashionable and beautiful selves

Our Vision

To gain people’s trust becoming a trustworthy and useful  source for people to find fashionable items

Our Values

We value our customers by taking their feedback to improve. As well as the quality of our app and the trust of our customers for our app top be top tier.


Check out our app mock ups and tell us what you think!

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