We’ve always seen someone wearing something that has caught our eye and wanted to know where they got it from, but they might not remember where they got it from. As High School students and friends we got together to create something, in search of an idea our team decided to create an app where anyone could take a picture of someone’s outfit and see similar items to what they were wearing to save you from potentially awkward conversations as well as having to search for it online. Our goal is to inspire others to be their most fashionable selves! We hope you will watch us grow and enjoy this journey together.

Our Camera And How It Would Work

Our powerful camera will be able to identify items like jewelry, clothing, and shoes. After identifying these items you’ll be able to look through were you can buy these items or similar items at the most affordable price.

Communities and Sharing Tips

On our app join communities created by people with the same interests as you. Share tips and your outfits letting people know where they can buy the items you are wearing.

Stephanie Trujillo


Maria Marcelino


Tiana Mazzarella